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MixItUpBoy video feat. Cody and Jackson

Last updated: February 23rd, 2017
Another fresh week and time to see one more superb video today. Cody makes his way back this fine afternoon once more and this time he is joined by Jackson as well. Let’s take the time to see them spend their time this afternoon having hard  style sex shall we? You can see Cody in his many scenes around here in the past and as you will observe, the stud is quite proficient at being a little man slut and taking it in the ass. Well Jackson was happy to cater to his eager ass today as well without delay too. Of course you get front row seats to this amazing show, so let’s get it started without any more delays!

When the video starts, you can see the guys getting busy at washing their nice sports car. But spirits were high and the two guys were really horny and in the end they just had to do something about it. They tried  cooling off in the pool  but that just seemed to turn them on even more. Soon after that you can see Cody sucking Jackson’s fine and hard cock and after that he also takes a ride on it today. See him fucked missionary style and see him riding the cock too in this scene and see him moaning loudly in pleasure. We hope you liked it and do check out the past scenes as well for some more amazing and hot scenes! Also you can visit the http://baitbuddies.net/ site and watch some gorgeous straight guys getting their asses fucked! Enjoy & see you soon!

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Mix it up threesome at the pool

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to another fresh scene. For this one we wanted to mix it up a bit and bring you something rather new but in the same style. In this new and hot scene you get to see a group of three guys that also get to do their fucking by the pool side and it’s composed of two very well endowed black studs with one wild and kinky white guy. And of course, the white guy gets to be in the middle and on the receiving end today. Let’s see them all in their little fuck scene today.

As the cameras roll, the white guy drops on his knees and starts to suck and slurp on those nice and big meat poles with a passion as he wants the two studs nice and hard for his ass. So take your time to see him performing one amazing and hot double blowjob for them to get those black cocks tock hard for his nice ass. After that was said and done, you can see the two ebony studs as they take turns to anally fuck him fast and hard for the rest of the video. Enjoy seeing the white stud getting covered in jizz too! Also you can visit the kristenbjorn.net site and watch some hot horny gay guys in cock stiffening action! See you soon!

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Wild Boy and Cody Kyler

Well here we are once more with a new and fresh mixitupboy update and we bet that you will adore this one everyone. In this superb scene you get to see new comer Wild Boy with none other than Cody Kyler that has proven to be quite the amazing little stud in all of his superb scenes. This was no different as well and he was very very eager to get to have fun with this new guy. Once more he decided to get to be on the receiving end today as he wanted to make sure that the new guy’s cock was getting it’s needed pleasing today without delay. Anyway, let’s just sit back and check out their new scene to see them in action this afternoon.

As you can observe, the scene was shot outdoors for this one and we think that it ended up being quite hot and sexy too. IT was in the back yard by the poolside though so you can rest easy knowing that the guys weren’t having fun anywhere illegal. Sit back and see Cody dropping on his knees as he starts to suck and slurp on that cock with a passion and see him using that expertise to make Wild Boy moan in pleasure. This whole scene you get to see the sexy hunk Cody as he sucks and slurps on that cock and it’s a scene worth seeing too. Enjoy it and see you guys next week with another new and hot scene! Until then, you can join the http://eastboys.org/ website and watch some horny gay guys getting their tight ass holes fucked! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!


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Mix It Up Boy – Jarvis and Ken

Well this is one hot and sexy special occasion. For this new and hot and fresh interracial fuck we have here the sexy black stud Jarvis and his fuck buddy Ken. The two of them are here to treat you to a show that you rarely get to see and you can bet that it’s full of superb cock sucking and hard style anal sex as well. For more scenes like this, you can see Day and Jordan as they also get to let loose and go wild on one another’s sexy asses. But this scene that we bring you today is even more amazing and you just need to see it without delay today. Without due, let’s get the cameras rolling to see the two of them in their action scene.


In the beginning of this scene you can see as Ken starts to work the nice and big black meat pole with his mouth and he makes sure to suck and deep throat it until it’s as hard as a rock today. He was giving so good of an oral pleasing that Jarvis simply couldn’t help himself from moaning loudly too. After that whole thing, you get to watch as Ken takes the nice and big cock nice and deep in his round sexy ass and takes his anal stretching for this whole afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed your stay as always and you can bet that we will have more new and enticing scenes for you guys to see next week as well. Bye bye for now!


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Day Day and Jordan Jude

We’re here with another amazing and hot mixitupboy scene for you to see and this is one of those amazing sex scenes that you just have to see. For this update you get introduced to the sexy suds Day Day and Jordan Jude and of course you get to see how they like to party when they are all alone. A hint would be that they enjoy quite some kinky and hard style fucks and there’s nowhere else better to see them in action other than here today. Let’s get their show started and see them in action.

straight from the start of the scene you can see that the two guys were already getting busy. Jordan was busy keeping his legs spread open as Day Day gets to penetrate his nice and tight white ass with his hard and eager cock today on the bed. After the nice and hot missionary style fuck that he got, he got to ride the huge cock cowboy style as well, so make sure that you don’t miss that either everyone. It all ended with some messy jizz blasts and it was awesome. Have fun with it and see you soon as always! Until then, enter the http://nextdoorbuddies.org/ website and see some muscled gay guys fucking senssless!

day-day-and-jordan-jude day-day-and-jordan-jude-2

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Lex Mix and Cody Kyler

Another fresh week and time for another superb and hot mix it up boy scene with two hot guys. As always it’s a superb interracial fuck scene with two amazing studs and we know that you will agree that both of these guys were sizzling hot and ready to take it in the ass. Their names are Lex Mix and Cody Kyler. Now Cody you got to see last week fucking nice and hard once more and this time he seems to be on the receiving end once again. Let’s get started and see that nice and fine ass penetrated again.


In this scene, the whole fuck fest took place by the pool side and we think that that just made this thing even more hotter. You get to see the studs starting off after their nice and leisurely swim today and they were kissing and caressing each other in the pool. As soon as they got out, Kyler worked the cock with his mouth and then when it was hard he spread his long legs to take it nice and deep in his ass as he was moaning loudly in pleasure. Enjoy it and do drop by next week for some more new and hot scenes! Also you might enter the chaosmen.org site and see other hot gay men getting roughly hammered!

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Cody Kyler and Ken Mariano

This week’s superb and hot mixitupboy videos update brings you some more new and hot interracial scenes as always and in this one you get to see Cody kyler the white guy and his boyfriend Ken Mariano getting down and dirty in one superb and sexy interracial sex scene for this afternoon. To see another superb interracial gay fuck, just make sure to click here and treat yourselves to one more amazing and hot scene with some kinky and superb studs as they get to have some serious fun for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, let’s get back to our two studs for the afternoon and see more in detail what they ended up doing with one another today.

The cameras start to roll and first thing that you get to see is the hot stud Cody sucking on the big black cock to get it nice and hard for his fine and sexy ass today. Then you get to see him spreading those nice and sexy long legs to be able to take it in the ass as deep as he can from his fuck buddy and you can bet that he adored it quite a lot as well. He wasn’t done with just that though, he wanted some more and so he decided to take a ride on top of it as well. Enjoy the nice and hard style dicking that Cody got for this afternoon and have fun with his scene. We will be back next week with another amazing scene so make sure that you guys stay tuned to enjoy it okay? If you wanna see some horny jocks getting their asses examined, visit the jockphysical.org site! Also you can watch some horny men getting naked and jacking off inside the http://www.nextdoormale.org/ site! Have fun!


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Breion Diamond Jack Michaels

Well for this fine day today we have another amazing and hot scene and we know that you will just love this one. You get to see Breion Diamond, the ebony stud and his fuck buddy Jack in a action packed fuck scene as they get to get it on for this nice afternoon. This is one amazing interracial sex scene that you will just adore and rest assured that it’s the sight to see as well. Let’s not delay as we know that you are eager to see the white stud as he gets bent over and takes that nice and hard black cock in his eager hole.


The cute white stud named Jack begins this superb scene as he gets to get on his knees and you can see him sucking and slurping on the cock to get it hard for his ass. watch him use his luscious lips to make Breion moan in pleasure today and rest easy knowing that this is quite the show to see. Then you see the white stud as he also gets to bend over and take that nice cock balls deep in his fine and sexy ass as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay and also this interracial fuck scene and we’ll have more for you to see next week as always. Also you can join the http://czechhunter.us/ website and see some cute Czech guys getting ass fucked for cash!

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MixItUpBoy – Billy Baxter and Hotrod

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to another superb scene. For this one we have another fresh pair of studs and of course this is one superb and hot interracial scene today. Their names are Billy Baxter and Hotrod and they sure know how to party sexually. You can check out the two Pierre’s and their interracial scene that they had in the past around here too and enjoy it as well! coming back to these two, it’s just amazing to see two hot and horny studs like them getting it on and fucking nice and hard for your viewing pleasure today as well. Let’s get to see them in action without delay as they had their nice and hard style fun today.

Of course this nice scene starts off with one of the guys getting to be the leader and that seems to be the white guy. Hotrod has no problem with that today and you get to see him getting straight to work as he begins to suck and slurp on that nice and thick cock with a passion for this nice afternoon. Then you get to watch him as he gets to spread his legs and he starts taking it nice and deep in his fine and sexy ass as well. Sit back and enjoy the scene and see it come to a nice end as the black stud gets a nice and sticky facial shot full of that spunk this afternoon too. See you next week with another fresh and hot gallery everyone and goodbye. Until them, visit the blacktgirls.org site and watch some ebony hotties getting hammered!


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Baby Star and Malo

Hey there guys, we are back with another new and hot mix it up boy scene that you will surely love today. In this new one we bring you the sexy studs Baby Star and Malo and of course, you get to watch them do some nice and kinky fucking this fine day today. Let’s get started with their scene and see them in action as they had their sexual fun all afternoon long with one another for today. We bet you are eager to see them in action as well so let’s just get started and get their show on the road without delay today shall we?


Their nice and hot scene is quite amazing to see from start to finish and rest assured that you will have what to see today too. Enjoy taking the time to check them out fucking hard style today and see the guys getting down and dirty and sucking on each other’s nice and hard cocks to prepare themselves for the next part of this superb and hot scene today. Take your time to enjoy seeing Malo as he takes a nice and hard ass dicking today as well and see him moaning in pleasure for this superb scene! Don’t forget that you can watch some similar hardcore gay sex videos inside the Eurocreme blog. Have fun! If you want to see other horny gay guys having hardcore sex, check out the http://trystanbull.us/ site! Enjoy!

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